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I am having trouble sending emails through Salesforce, what should I do?
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 15 November 2013 05:42 PM

If you are working with Salesforce Mindmatrix Integration, and are having trouble accessing the email editor, the most likely cause is that you are using Internet Explorer 9 or lower or your browser is blocking pop-up windows. The recommended browsers for Mindmatrix are Firefox or Chrome.

To fix this, please follow the steps outlined below for Google Chrome or Firefox:


Google Chrome 

If these steps do not apply, please consult the official help article from Google at

To start, click on the Customize and Control Panel icon in the top right corner of the browser. (Highlighted in red below.)


Select the "Settings" option.

On the Settings page, scroll down and select "Show Advanced Settings..."


This opens the "Privacy" section of the settings window. Click on the "Content settings..." button.


Scroll down to the "Pop-ups" section. If you have "Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)" checked, you may want to check "Allow all sites to show pop-ups" or select the "Manage exceptions..."  button.


If you do not have https://*[.] added as "Allow" you may have to check "Allow all sites to show pop-ups".


You can also check your exceptions by clicking "Manage exceptions..." In this window, I have set the pop-up section to allow for https://[*.] If this is selected, or you are Allowing all pop-ups and still experience issues, please submit a ticket about this to our team so that we can assist you directly.




If these steps do not apply, please consult the official help article from Mozilla Firefox at

To start, click the Firefox menu button.


This will open a menu that will give you access to the "Options" tab. Select the "Options" sub-menu under options.

In this section, select the Content icon/tab.


In this section, un-check the Block pop-ups option or click the "Exceptions" button.


In the "Exceptions" window, add the URL of the version of the platform you work with. If you are a Complete Nutrition user, enter Then press the "Allow" button.


In the example below, I added


Now try logging into your account and using the email editor. If you run into any problems once these steps are complete, please contact us directly at and we will assist you.

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