I do not receive emails when I send them to myself or contacts at my company
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 21 January 2014 05:17 PM

When you send emails from the software you are sending from our registered Marketing IP Addresses. Think of this as sending a letter FROM: Yourname with our address TO: Yourname with OUR address. The recipient server knows that Yourname is associated with your address. What it doesn’t know is that your name is also sending from OUR address.

Spam filters use “content filtering” to compare who sent the email and who is receiving the email. The email you are sending to yourself from Mindmatrix is addressed to you, from you – yet the IP address does not match your company’s IP address. This can cause the spam filter to flag that email for suspicious activity.

To avoid appearing in your own spam filter, you will want to whitelist the IP addresses Mindmatrix uses for your marketing. You can request IPs to whitelist from the support team.

This issue will not affect emails going to your customers' inboxes, since their internal spam filter does not monitor these associations.


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