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How do I integrate Mindmatrix with Connectwise?
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 07 March 2014 05:25 AM



Create a Connectwise API Member


Create a new ConnectWise API Member to authenticate with AMP. 

Creating a Member

In your ConnectWise account, navigate to System > Members, then click the API Members tab.

Click the + icon to create a new member.

Create API Member


Enter the required information to create the new member. For License Class, choose API

Overview API Member

Generating an API Key

After you've created the new member, click the API Keys tab, then the + icon to create a new key.

Generating API Key


You can name the description AMP Integration, then click the Save icon. Once you do, you can copy your Public and Private Keys.


Make sure to save the Private Key somewhere, it cannot be accessed after you close this page! If you happen to close the page, create a new API key.

NOTE: If you create a new API Keys then old key will not get disable unless you delete the previous key.


After you have your Private and Public Keys - along with the Member ID you wish to route contacts and activities to. Enter this information into your integration activation under Mindmatrix User Profile.


Note: Identify the Member you want the contacts/Todo activities to be assigned to. That Member should have "API Reports" access. (see screenshot below).  The Member will be assigned a Security Role, that role is where you set the API reports access to "ALL"

Security Roles

  • Now login to your AMP account & Go to Setup > CRM > CRM

  • Click on the  “Configure Button” icon in Mindmatrix.

click on the CRM icon in Mindmatrix.png

  • Enter your ConnectWise CRM integrator login credentials.

NOTE: You can create only a single ConnectWise integrator ID per company. Every user of that company can use the same integrator ID to login with AMP.


  • Enter your company name that is registered with ConnectWise.

  • In the MemberID field, enter the username that allows you to login to your ConnectWise account.


NOTE: The Member ID is the username you use to login to your ConnectWise account. Each user of your company can have their own unique Member ID, but the same integrator login details.

  • In the Site URL field, enter your ConnectWise login URL (please do not include http:// in the URL


Contact Filter: 

  • After entering your data, you can choose a filter to allow or deny contacts from "pulling" into your AMP account from your CRM.

  • We recommend choosing Company Type, and filtering by values such as Prospect, Customer, Suspect

  • You can also choose "All Contacts" which will allow all contact types to come into AMP.
  • You can choose a different field to filter by, please contact your consultant to check which other options are supported if you wish to use a field outside of Company Type. 



Recommended: Company Type for Contact Filter - Values: Customer, Prospect, Suspect

  • In your ConnectWise company profile, the dropdown ‘type’, displays static contact company types (competition, customer, not-a-fit, owner, partner, prospect, suspect, unknown, and vendor).

  • These options define company type of the contact.

NOTE: You can add custom contact company type in your ConnectWise account.

  • To add a custom contact company type, click ‘Setup Tables'


  • Enter ‘Company Type’ in the ‘Table’ field, and click ‘Search’.


  • Select ‘Company Type’.

  • Click the ‘Add New Item’ icon.

  • Enter the contact company type in the ‘Description’ field. For e.g. Newly Acquired.

  • Click the ‘Save’ icon.


  • The added contact company type will be updated successfully.

  • You can view the added contact company type in the ‘type’ field of a company.

  • To import specific contact company type, separate each contact company type by comma in the ‘Contacts Company Type’ field.

  • For e.g. if you wish to import ConnectWise contacts with company types as customer, prospect, and owner then insert a comma between each option in this field.

  • Click ‘Save’.


  • If you wish to change the selected sync time interval, you can pick desired ‘sync time’ interval from the dropdown.

  • Click ‘Update’.

-AMP is now integrated with your ConnectWise account.

Mapping ConnectWise contact fields with AMP contact fields

  • Click ‘Map Fields’.

  • Click the ‘contact’ tab, and map ConnectWise contact fields with AMP contact fields.

  • You may create custom fields to accommodate required ConnectWise contact fields in AMP.

  • Click ‘save’ to save mapped contact fields.

NOTE: ConnectWise custom contact fields cannot be mapped to AMP contact fields.


NOTE: You can map ConnectWise company fields:  Company_Market, Company_Employees, Company_Territory, Company_Type, Company_FaxNumber, Company_PhoneNumber, Company_Status and Company_WebSite.

Make sure you are mapping relevant fields only. If not, the data won’t be saved to CRM account and vice versa. If fields are not mapped, the system will consider the default setting to push data.

Syncing your ConnectWise contacts with AMP

  • All your existing and new ConnectWise CRM contacts will import to AMP, as the ConnectWise CRM and AMP integrates with each other.

Syncing your AMP contacts with ConnectWise

  • Click the ‘contacts’ tab.

  • Click ‘contact records’.

  • Select a contact.

select a contact in MM.png

  • Click ‘stats’.

select report in the contact view pane.png

  • Click ‘push to CRM’.

Click to Push to CRM.png

  • The particular AMP contact is now synched with your ConnectWise account.

Exporting your AMP ‘to-dos’ to your ConnectWise account

NOTE: ‘To dos’ can be exported only for contacts who are present both in AMP and ConnectWise.

  • Consider you have a pending task under your AMP “to-dos” section that you wish to export in your ConnectWise account.

  • All you have to do is go to the ‘contact records’ section.



select a contact in MM.png


  • Select the contact for whom the task is pending.

  • Click ‘stats’.

select report in the contact view pane.png

  • Click on ‘push to CRM’.

Click to Push to CRM.png


  • Now go to your ConnectWise account and click on the contact for whom the to-do was created in AMP.

  • You will now find your task under the ‘Activities’ tab.

  • Once you close the to-do in AMP, it gets closed in ConnectWise as well.

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