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Advantage or Concierge Only: How do I send contacts to support?
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 28 July 2014 01:13 PM


Please click here to read an additional article on best practices.

To ensure that your contacts are imported properly, please follow these guidelines when submitting your contacts to the Mindmatrix support team: 

1. Please use the linked templates to deliver your contacts. If there are custom fields in your account- simply add that column to your saved sheet. If you would like additional fields added- please include that in the email to support. 

Customer Spreadsheet: This is for your Managed Services Customers. 

Upselling Spreadsheet: These contacts are treated as prospects and will be placed in the Inquiry/Marketing Drip. They include any contact you have previously done business with but they are not a contracted/recurring revenue client for your business. 

Prospects: These contacts will be placed in the Inquiry/Marketing Drip. 

2. Please submit your contacts by attaching CSV files to an email addressed to Please do not send your contacts to your specialist. 

3. Always send only new or updated contacts. 

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