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How to request form code for your website
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 29 October 2014 10:41 AM

You can integrate your website's contact forms with Mindmatrix so that new contacts are added to the system to receive marketing emails and to track engagement.

To request an integrated contact form, submit the following information in a ticket via email at or at

1. What account should the form be created in? Please include the URL you use to login to Mindmatrix, and the user name of the account which will "own" the created form.

2. What fields would you like the form to include? For example: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone number. (Please note email is mandatory and must be included as one of the fields). 

2. How do you want your submit button to appear? Do you want a plan white button with "submit" on it? Would you like a rounded button in your corporate color with black text? You can direct the team to an existing example on your website, if this applies.

Please note, if you want a custom button please be specific; please include details such as text type (Arial, Helvetica, etc.), hex color, and button size or shape. 

3. What do you want to happen once a contact submits the form? Here are typical scenarios:

  * A "Thank You" message appears on the current webpage. Please indicate the exact message to be displayed. 

  * The contact is directed to another page of your website. Please indicate the URL in the ticket. 

  * A whitepaper or other asset appears on screen for viewing and download. Please attach the document to be imported into your Mindmatrix account, or give the name of the document if it already exists in Mindmatrix.

4. (Optional) Do you want this contact to receive emails from a campaign running in your account, or an autoresponder email? Please include these details (and email copy, if relevant).


Once the form code is completed it will be sent to you in HTML format in a notepad file for your website administrator to insert into your website. Please keep in mind that the Mindmatrix team can not insert the code for you.

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