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How do I edit Page Settings to change general styling attributes such as background color or size and create wireframes?
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 23 June 2015 08:59 AM


  • To manage the page settings, select ‘Settings’.


  • In the ‘Page Setting’ section, enter the page name/width/height in the relevant fields.

  • Select the ‘Background Color’ picker, and choose the required shade.

  • Click ‘Ok’ to set the page’s background color.

  • Select ‘Set as Wire-Frame’, if you want to reuse this page in other print templates.

  • Enter the print margin value in the relevant field. This is helpful when the file goes for printing.

NOTE: To set a page as a wire-frame, make sure it contains only one text and an image object.



  • Click ‘Save’ to proceed.


  • Here is the preview of the page.

How Do I Add Text and Images to Print Templates?


  • In the ‘Add’ dropdown, select ‘Text’.


  • The text box allows you to use the basic design editor (contains text tools) and HTML editor.

  • Consider using the design editor. You can manage text properties here.


How Do I Personalize User/Contact/Company Variables in Print Templates?


  • To enter personalization variables, select the ‘Field Choose’ icon.

  • You can select either user/company/ contact fields.

NOTE: You can access database added to the page, and insert its variables into the text box.

  • Consider adding user field/s.

  • This section will list out the user field variables. Select the required one.

  • With ‘Type’ as ‘non-conditional’, click ‘Insert & Finish’.

  • You can preview the variable code to be inserted in the relevant section.

  • Click ‘Save’.

  • The variable code will display in the text box.

NOTE: You can copy/paste the code anywhere in the text box. However, do not edit the code.

  • Click ‘Accept’.


Text Editor

  • You can edit the size and position properties of the text box here in the relevant field.

  • Select ‘position’ icon to lock the position of the text box in the template.

  • Expand the ‘Formatting’ section.

  • To lock the content in the text box, select the ‘content’ option.

  • To lock the style (background color/image, border style) of the text box, click ‘style’ option.

  • You can set either the background color or image for the text box from the relevant section.

  • Select the required border style from the relevant dropdown.


  • To fit the text content according to the box size, select ‘Fit this within the selected area’ option in the ‘Auto-fit’ section.

  • You can set the minimum and maximum font size required for the text to fit in the box in the relevant fields.

  • Here is the added text box.




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