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How to create Organizations using Mindmatrix
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 26 June 2015 05:57 AM

Mindmatrix allows you to create organizations and assign roles to users with respect to their designation.

To set up an Organization in Mindmatrix, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the “Setup” icon situated on the left side of the page, which will give you a drop-down list. Select the “Organizations” option.


  • To create an Organization, click on “Create” button on the left hand side of the page.



1. Info

This section allows you to enter name and description for an organization group.

A) Name: Enter the name of the organization.

B) Currency: Enter the currency.

C) City: Enter the city.

D) Zip-code: Enter the zip- code.

E) Telephone: Enter the telephone number.

F) URL: Enter the company URL.

G) Address 1: Enter the address.

H) State: Enter the state.

I) Country: Enter the country.

J) Fax: Enter the fax number.

K) Next: Click ‘Next’ to proceed.

L) Cancel: Click ‘Cancel’ to enter the previous page or to exit the window.


2. Add Users

You can add/remove users to the organization here. Use ‘Search for records’ field to find required users.

A) User’s Grid: This section displays basic details of the user.

            i) First Name: This column displays first name of users.

            ii) Last Name: This column displays last name of users.

            iii) User Name: This column displays username of users.

            iv) Created On: This column displays creation date of users.

            v) Updated On: This column displays modification date of users.

B) Conditions to Sort List: You can arrange the users’ list in ascending or descending order based on details like their first name, last name, user- name and creation date (Created On) or modification date (Updated On).

C) Next: After completion of all the steps in ‘Add Users’ click ‘Next’ to proceed.

D) Search for Records:  The right record can be found just by entering the user’s first name, last name or user name in ‘Search for Record’.

E) Add: Click ‘add’ to add user to the organization.

F) Remove: Click ‘remove’ to remove user from organization.

G) Pagination: The pagination bar displays total number of users on current page. Use arrow keys to toggle between pages.

H) Cancel: Click ‘Cancel’ to enter the previous page or to exit the window.


  • An individual user can only be a part of a single organization.

  • The addition of the same user to another organization will send a notification with an option to remap the user. On selection of the option ‘Yes’, the user will be removed from the previous organization and will be added to the new one.

3. Roles

A) Name: This section displays name of the role and relevant descriptions.

B) Next: On completion of steps for ‘Roles’ section, click ‘Next’ to create organization.

C) Add: Click ‘add’ to enable role for organization.

D) Remove: Click ‘remove’ to disable role for organization.

E) Pagination: The pagination bar displays total number of roles on current page. Use arrow buttons to toggle between pages.




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