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How to manage Organizations
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 26 June 2015 06:04 AM


The most significant part of this section is that it allows you to create, delete and manage users and roles for the organizations (depending on the role). It also supports in viewing a total number of organizations in a folder and provides the relevant details (name, created on, and updated on).  In a nut shell, you can also find the right records in any listed organization and allows you to sort the organizations list based on conditions like ‘Updated On’, ‘Created On’, and ‘Name’.

To manage an Organization in Mindmatrix, follow the steps mentioned below:

Go to the “Setup” icon situated on the top of the page, which will give you a drop- down list. Select the “Organizations” option.

1. Create

Click ‘Create’ to initiate the process for adding an organization to the company.

2. Folder

This section lists the folder containing a total number of organizations.

A) Refresh: Click ‘refresh’ to reload results of the ‘Organizations’ folder.

B) Total Number of Organizations: The ‘Organizations’ folder depicts the total number of organizations in the company.

3. Select Organization/s

You can delete organization/s by selecting the required ones from the list.

  • Select a particular organization by ticking the relevant checkbox.

  • Select all organizations by ticking the checkbox next to the ‘Name’ column.

4. Delete Organization/s

Click the ‘Delete’ icon to delete the selected organization/s.

(Refer to delete organization/s section)

5. The Organizations Grid

This section depicts the details related to the organization/s.

          A) Name: This column displays the name of the organization.

          B) City, State: This column displays the city and state in which the organization is located.

          C) No. of Users: This column depicts the number of users in the particular organization.

          D) Opportunity created: This column depicts the number of opportunities created by the users.

          E) Leads Shared: This column depicts the number of contacts shared by the users in the organization.

          F) Registered Deals:  This column depicts the total number of deals registered by the partners.

          G) Amount: This column depicts the total of all opportunity amount created by users in the organization

          H) Created On: This column displays the date of creation for the particular organization.

          I) Updated On: This column depicts the date or time when a particular organization was last updated.

 6. Conditions to Sort Organizations

You can sort the organization’s list in ascending and descending order based on the selected conditions (updated on, created on or name).

7. Search for Records (Organizations)

Enter the name of the organization in the ‘Search for records’ field to find the relevant organization.

8. Pagination Bar

Clicking on the arrows will allow you to toggle between pages. The pagination bar displays the total number of organizations on the current page out of the total number of existing organizations.

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