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How do I create a Dataroom?
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 08 September 2015 03:53 AM

Datarooms are professional looking collections of trackable assets that users can send to potential customers. To create a dataroom, go to “Setup”, then “Asset Management”, and “Templates”. In the “Folder” section, click on “Dataroom” and then click on the blue “Create” button. 


This will bring up the personalization menu. If you wish to turn your template into a survey, select the “Questionnaire” button, otherwise, choose “None”. When you are finished, click “Go”.



This will bring up the “Dataroom” window. Choose a name for your template, and if you wish, a description and set of filters. When you are finished, click “Next”.



If you wish you may also add a thumbnail for your template as well as selecting branding and theming options.



This will open up the “Dataroom Editor” option. The top bar will contain the tools needed to edit the template.



Customizing appearance and SEO options

Clicking on settings will open up the “Page Information” window, which will be divided into two tabs, the “Page Setting” tab and the “Meta Information” tab. The “Page Setting tab” will allow you to customize the appearance of a page.

The “Meta Information” tab will allow you to customize SEO options.



You can also add  Google Analytics or tracking code in the tracking code in the “google script” box, and add Java script in the “page script box


Adding text to your Dataroom

To add text or images to your word file, click on the “Add” tab in the menu bar. If you wish to add text, click on the “Text” option.



This will open up the text editor screen.



When you are finished entering in your text, click “Accept”


This will bring up the “Formatting” window, where you can determine what your text box will look like. When you are finished, click “done”.

If you wish to edit anything you did in the “Formatting” window, you can click on the text box, and then click on the relevant part of the “Text Object” box.



Adding images, documents, and other assets to your dataroom


To add an image to your dataroom, click on the “Add” tab, and then click on  “Image”.



This will open the “Update Image & Link To” tab.



You can make additional edits the “Object Property” box.



You can also add assets by clicking on the “Add Assets” tab.



From there, select the type of asset that you want, and then click close.

Changing image layers.


To edit how images overlay one another, click on the image, and then click on an image and then click on the “Layers” tab.

This will open up the “Layers Palette”. Click on the image that you want to move, and then click on the alignment tab to move the image further to the front or back. Click on the alignment tab. We recommend that you give each image a distinct name to make distinguishing between them easier.


When you are finished, click on the “x” icon in the upper left-hand corner. The changes you make should appear on the screen.



Putting the finishing touches on your template

When you are finished with your template, click “save” and then “next”.



This will give you a preview of what your dataroom will look like. If you are satisfied, click save and close.



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