How do I use the system event to move a contact to a send event, update their record, send a to do task or remove them from a drip?
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 09 September 2015 06:45 AM

When making a drip campaign, using system event will allow you to set contact information, move a contact to a new node in the program, or move the contact into an entirely new campaign.  To make use of these settings, go to the drip template editor, (for instructions on how to do that, click here), and then click on the system icon.



This will open up the “System Event” window.

Moving a contract to a send event

To move a contract to a send event, give the event a name, and then click on the “Go to event” tab.



To select an event click on the “Choose Item” box.



This will take you back to the “Drip Template Editor”. From there, click on the “Send Event” that you would like the contact to receive.



This will open up the system event window again. From there, click on the “Submit” button.  



Now, when the contact reaches the “Go to Event” phase of the drip campaign, they will receive a new copy of the “new template” email.



Using system event to update a contact record


To use system event to update a contact record, click on the system button again.



This will open up the System Event window. From there, click on the “Update Contact Info” tab.



You can change you can change any aspect of a contact’s information, based on where they are in the drip campaign and what actions they have taken. The most commonly used features can be found in the “Preferences” tab, which is what we will look at for this tutorial.



In this tab, you can specify what type of contact he or she is and where the contact is in the buyer's journey. For this tutorial, we will specify that any contact who has reached this point in the campaign is “prospect”  of medium interest, who is in the prospecting phase of the buyer’s journey.



When you are finished, click “Submit”.



Using the “System Event” tab to create tasks

To use the system event tab to create tasks, click on the “Create tasks” tab.


In the “Send To” drop down, we can assign tasks to a specific sales user.



In the “Memo(to-do)” box, you can write a description of what you want your contact to do.


When you are finished, click on the submit button.


Removing a contact from the drip campaign

To automatically remove a client from a drip campaign, click on the “System” icon.



In the system event window, click on the “remove contacts” tab.



Click on the “Remove contacts from drip” box, and then choose “Submit”.



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