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How do I score based on a fit model?
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 09 September 2015 08:44 AM

Score on fit model

Scoring on a fit model means that a contact’s score will not decrease over time due to inactivity. To create a model with this type of setup go “Setup”, then “ Scoring”, and then “Contacts”.



From there click on the “Scoring Models” and then click on the model that you wish to edit.



From there click on the lead scoring rule that you wish to edit.



In the “How would you like to score” drop down, choose “score on a fit model”.


On the left side, you will see all the rules created under the “Scoring Rules” section


On the left side are all activities that could potentially be used to earn a score.


To specify which activities are necessary to earn a score, simply drag the activities into the box.


To specify whether the contact must complete all of the activities, any single activity, or some combination of activities, click on the “Advanced” link.



To specify that a contact must complete all activities to earn a score, write “and” between each activity number. For example, this box, to receive any score at, the contact would have to both live in Pittsburgh and have opened any email.


To specify that a contact can earn score by completing any of the activities, write an “or” between each number. For example, in this box, the contact could either open any email, or be located in Pittsburgh to receive the score.



To make specific combinations of activities necessary to earn a score, place the activity numbers in parentheses.


For example, under these conditions, a contact could earn a score if he or she opened any email and filled out a demo form, works in Pittsburgh and is a trade show lead, opened any email and is a trade show lead, or works in Pittsburgh and filled out a demo form.


Once you’re done creating your conditions,  give it a score of your choice



Give you scoring condition a unique name, description & click on “save”


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