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What to be doing daily in the Mindmatrix platform
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 18 February 2016 11:08 AM

If you're new to Mindmatrix and are wondering what to be doing next, here are some tips to help you find success.

-          Review Daily Notification Email: Are there leads to follow up with? Any prospective new companies to find contact info for? What website content is popular right now?

-          Review Activity Notification Emails: form submissions, eguide views, new high/hot interest status, website visits. Based on their activity, who can you reach out to?

-          Use Sales Playbook: Log in to Mindmatrix software and open internal playbook. Put existing contacts through the next step of the playbook. How do I use the playbook?

-          Monitor Hot & High Interest Contacts: View hot and high interest contact lists in the dashboard, or open Connections > Lists > Smart Lists > High and Hot Interest Contacts. Review their activity. Who isn’t in the playbook yet? Add them to the playbook. How do I add contacts to Follow-Up playbook?

-          Update Contact Records: Have you closed a sale? Update the contact type of the individual to “Customer.” How to mark the status of a contact (video)

-          Engage New Contacts: Add new contacts to Mindmatrix and put them in the marketing campaign. How to create a single contact | How to add a contact to a drip campaign

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