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How to prepare for strategy consulting sessions
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 10 March 2016 03:31 PM

MSP Advantage and IT Advantage provides ongoing consultation for your marketing and sales strategy with a dedicated enablement consultant. To get the most value out of your scheduled sessions, here are a few ways you should prepare for each meeting.

1. Complete your action items

Follow up on any incomplete items from your last consultation. Contact the support team for assistance.

2. Track your leads

Use this worksheet to track and assess your leads each month.

Bring the completed worksheet to each consulting call to discuss results with your consultant and be entered into the strategy tool.

3. Identify marketing and sales challenges

 Make an honest assessment of your business challenges. Begin with the areas listed below.

Are you having trouble with…

  • Describing your services and value?
  • Finding new prospects?
  • Warming up your prospects?
  • Identifying when leads are warm/when to follow up?
  • Following up or reaching out to warm leads?
  • Getting appointments?
  • Overcoming objections during the sales process?
  • Closing the deal?
  • Upselling customers?
  • Getting testimonials?
  • Getting referrals?

Contact your consultant to request a KPI review in an upcoming session.

Send your company marketing plan/editorial calendar/marketing and sales assets to your consultant for an audit in an upcoming session.

4. Identify upcoming and potential marketing opportunities

Identify opportunities to generate new leads, such as:

  • Creating custom email campaigns to target verticals or promote services
  • Running online advertising/PPC
  • Joining a chamber of commerce or other relevant, local organization
  • Attending a trade show
  • Hosting a lunch and learn

Identify assets that will need to be created, inside or outside of Mindmatrix, to be successful.


By focusing closely on your business marketing and sales strategy and bringing your ideas and questions to your recurring consulting calls, you will see progress toward your goals and success in the MSP Advantage program.

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