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How do I integrate Mindmatrix with Redtail?
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 21 March 2016 04:00 PM

Linking Mindmatrix with Redtail


  • Log into your Mindmatrix account.

  • Click on the CRM session icon on the right-hand side.

  • Click login to activate.

  • Enter your Redtail credentials. IMPORTANT - Only administrators should activate the connection between Redtail and Mindmatrix.

  • Set 'Time interval' from the dropdown box menu. This value is the time duration after which the import process occurs continuously.

    NOTE: The process includes contact import and contact updates.
  • Set 'User role' from the dropdown box. The RedTail contact import will be based on the 'user role' value you select.

NOTE: If you select 'all contacts', then all contacts from the Redtail CRM account will be imported into Mindmatrix. However, if you select 'My Contacts' then only contacts that you create in your Redtail CRM account will be imported into Mindmatrix.

  • Click on 'submit'. You have successfully linked your Mindmatrix account with your Redtail account.

Mapping Fields between Redtail and Mindmatrix:

1. Click on the CRM connectivity button.

2. Click on Map Fields

3. Map fields in the 'contact' tab (info, preferences, and custom fields).

4. To map contacts to sync from Mindmatrix to Redtail map your 'lead' tab fields as well.

Make sure you are mappng relevant fields only. If not, data will not get saved to your CRM account and vice versa. If fields are not mapped, Mindmatrix will considder the default setting when pushing data. You may create custom contact fields in Mindmatrix to accommodate additional Redtail CRM fields.


How to import contacts from Redtail CRM to Mindmatrix?


1. Log into your Redtail CRM account

NOTE: For contacts to import, you should have your Mindmatrix account linked to your Redtail CRM account with CRM connectivity active in the user profile.

2. In your Redtail CRM account, click on the tab 'contacts'.

To view all existing Redtail contacts, click on 'Contacts A-Z' from the dropdown.

A default recipient list of Redtail contacts will be created in your Mindmatrix account the first time you push contacts from Redtail to Mindmatrix. To view this list, Click on Connections, Lists and then navigate to the 'Recipient List' folder.


Saving Contact Details for Redtail


If you need to update a single contact's information in Mindmatrix in Redtail, you push this contact by searching for it in the contacts section of Mindmatrix.  


1. Click on Connections

2. Click on Contacts

3. Search for the contact you want

4. Select the contact and click "Views" and then click "Report".

5. On the Report page, click 'push' to CRM link.


 This will force a sync of this single contact and will update in Redtail after about 10 minutes.

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