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How to Create Opportunity fields as two steps process
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 14 March 2018 03:50 PM


This feature will make it possible for Company to customize the static fields as well as reorder them in required tabs for their Opportunities.

Who will be using this?

This feature will be used by Super Admins who create Opportunity type for the Company.


This will make the Opportunity fields and their placement more flexible as the Company can now remove the non-mandatory static fields as well as re-order the static fields in customized tabs.


In Setup > Custom Fields > Opportunity, the “Create” Opportunity process will now be 3-Step one.


The Steps are:-

1. Info: In this step, User will provide the Name (this is mandatory field and default value will be “New Opportunity”) and the Description for the Opportunity type.  The “Name” will unique for a company.

2. Fields: In this step, User will create custom fields needed for the Opportunity type. Opportunity Name, Stage, Expected Closed Date, Account Name, Stage Details, Amount, Market, Type, Closed Won Details and Closed Lost Details fields will be added by default in the back-end but will not be displayed here.

This is an optional step and can be used if custom fields are needed.
While creating fields, parser name should be unique for an Opportunity type and it will also check for parser names of default fields. If no fields are added then the Opportunity type will have the default fields only.  User can add more custom fields as per their requirement.

These fields can be moved to re-order. If Step 3 is omitted then for newly created Opportunities all the fields will be shown in single tab in the “order” mentioned here along with the default fields.

3. Layout: In this step, User can re-arrange the fields in different tab and design the layout for other Users to create the Opportunity records.

This is optional step and User can add tabs and set the layout if they want customized layout. If no tabs are added then the record creation form page will display default layout as in single tab with fields in order as in Step 2 along with default fields.
If tab(s) is added then Opportunity Name, Expected Closed Date and Stage field are mandatory and need to be used. User can use other fields created in Step 2 and other default fields if required, else they can bypass them.
Note: If Account Name, Stage Details, Amount, Market, Type, Closed Won Details and Closed Lost Details fields are not used then Opportunity report won’t be displayed based on these fields as well as columns in grid will be hidden.

When “Add another Opportunity field” is clicked it will open a modal where, in the first drop down of “Select Field” all the fields created in Step 2 will be populated based on the order set in Step 2, after all the default fields.

When any field is selected, it will populate the Display Name, Parser Name, character limit and other values of the fields created in Step2 or for default fields but this won’t be editable.

Once done, the layout in “Manage > Opportunities” will be as in Step 3 if configured or else it will be as in Step 2 ordered.

While in “Edit” mode for already created Opportunity type, it will open in the “Layout” page. In the “Views” there will be options of” Info” and “Fields”.

  • If Step 3 (Layout) was configured while creating, then it will display the exact same page here with the final layout design. User can modify the layout i.e. add or remove fields (except for mandatory ones).
    Note: If fields are removed from the layout they will not appear in Manage > Opportunities but once added again then if any values were stored before being removed it will show them for those records.

  • If Step 3 (Layout) was not configured while creating, it will give the message on top (class= “alert alert-warning”) mentioning that “Layout has not been configured and fields are displayed as per ‘Fields’ page in Manage > Opportunities.”

The “Fields” page will be same as Step 2 of creation. The Order of the fields in this page will only be effective if “no-layout” is configured. From the “Info” page, User can modify the Name as well as Description of the Opportunity Type, the “Name” will unique for a company.

For existing Opportunities (old ones: created before this enhancement), the layout will be as in “Manage > Opportunities” and User can delete all the tabs and re-arrange the layout as per his/her requirement (in this way the static fields can be re-arranged or removed for existing Opportunities also.) The “Fields” page will display all the custom fields in single tab which cannot be deleted.

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