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How to lock for cells in Email Template Editor
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 14 March 2018 06:42 PM


This feature allows the User to “lock position” (i.e. cannot move the cell or split it) and/or “lock content” (i.e. cannot change text or image, nor can copy the content) for cell in email template creation. These cells will be locked for any User using the email template in Media Editor.

Who will be using this?

This feature will be used by all the Users who has access to create/edit email templates in Setup.


This will provide restricting changing some parts of email by Sales/Partner Users. The template designer can lock parts of email either for position (e.g. Header part cannot be moved or footer will remain at bottom and cannot be split) or content (e.g. User cannot change the static image used in the template or certain text cannot be changed.)


In email template editor for every cell along with other actions which is displayed on left side of the cell in black palette there will be another action icon for “Lock”. This will be displayed for all the cells where we show the action palette.

Clicking on the “Lock” icon will slide in the options for locking the cell to.

There exist 2 types of lock

  1. Position lock
  2. Content Lock

By default, both the locks will be in unlocked position.

User can click on the respective icon to provide the lock. These icons are toggle switch i.e. If unlocked, then clicking on it will lock the cell and vice-versa.

When “Position” lock is clicked then the applied lock icon color changes to orange and so does the icons of “move” and “Split column” which means these actions are restricted. The tool tip for the colorized icon will also change to mention it is locked.

“Content” lock will colorize the “Copy” icon mentioning that copy functionality as well as content i.e. text for text based cell and double click on image won’t work for this cell.

Similarly, a User can use both lock for a cell.

Once the lock is applied to the cell it based on the color the User can understand the status of each cell.

In the Media Editor, User cannot change the locks and hence the “Lock” icon will not exist in the action palette. But if a cell is locked then the corresponding icons will be colorized to indicate it is locked. The tool tip for the colorized icon will also change to mention it is locked.

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