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How to submit a ticket for Creating Email Drip Campaign
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 19 April 2018 05:49 PM

Scroll till the end to download the steps in Word Document.


Key items to confirm before setting up a drip campaign:

  1. What kind of asset is being created?
    • Email template:  The team can create a custom one, or you can choose a premade template from the software
    • If you want to utilize one that is already in the portal, provide the name of the template and support will create the drip from that template

  2. Whose account will the asset be created in?
    • Is there an admin that is going to be setting up and sending the email on behalf of another user? Or will it all be ran under one account?

  3. Whose name will be used as the sender and in the signature of the emails?
    • Who is this going on behalf of?
    • Typically sales person or the CEO

  4. Which contacts will be receiving this campaign?
    • Is this piece of mail intended for all contacts? Current customers? Warm leads? Prospects?
    • Has the proper Smart List been created for the desired recipients?
    • You may need to create the smart list first, then ask the team to associate this list with the campaign

  5. Date and time the first email will be sent.
    • Since this is a B2B audience, we normally recommend between Tues - Thurs during business hours, but can be tested for their specific list and region at different times. Typically we do the next week day available.
    • We normally don’t recommend Mondays or Fridays since executives in small businesses are usually either not in the office or catching up due to the weekend.

Example Ticket:

            Subject: Create new email drip


            Cc: you can CC your consultant here


  1. Email Template

For example, “Please use the attached document to create an email template” and send to me for review.

  1. Landing Page
Please create a custom landing page using this template: you can choose a template from the software or again, ask them to create one with a certain picture, text and form fields

Outsourcing isn’t a dirty word 2 -

Provide an external tracking link for this landing page to be used in the email templates.
  1. Content: This can be sent via an excel file, word document, etc
    1. Email 1
    2. Subject
    3. Preview text
    4. Body
  2. Delay: How many days of a delay do you want between each email? Is it a 3-day delay between each email? Is it different after each email?
  3. List: For the drip campaign, use the smart list “ConnectWise Event.”
  4. Date and Time to begin the drip
  5. Who is it being sent on behalf of? “On behalf of x user

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 email and social drip campaign format template.docx (273.72 KB)

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