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How To Submit A Ticket To Create A One-off Email Blast
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 26 April 2018 05:37 PM

For another resource to help you request a customized asset from our team, click here.

Key items to confirm when submitting a ticket for an asset creation such as an email and landing page:

It’s important to provide recommendations and guidance to your clients on how they should get started with their campaigns. Small to medium businesses don’t always know best practices for creating email templates. Here are the main items you’ll need to confirm on setup.

  1. Whose account will the campaign be set up in? / Who will be responsible for managing the campaign?

    • Is there an admin that is going to be setting up and managing the asset on behalf of another user? Or will it all be run under one account?

  2. Whose name will be used as the sender and in the signature of the emails?

    • Recommend that the client sends on behalf of a salesperson or a ‘face of the company’. That may be the owner/CEO, salesperson, marketing person.
    • Note: Replies will be sent to this person as well

  3. Which contacts will be receiving this campaign?

    • Are you sending this to a specific smart list such as current customers or a specific vertical-based list? Did you import a recipient list?
    • Has this smart list already been created?

  4. What template do you want for the landing page?

    • What fields should be included in the form? Will it always be a form?
    • Create a smart list for sign ups

  5. What will the page say upon submission of CTA?

  6. What should the email notification to yourself say?

    • Feel free to use creative liberty here. This should be a reminder to take the next step and follow up with this contact, however, is appropriate

Example Ticket:

Subject: Valentine Campaign - email & landing page



  1. Email Template

    Please use the attached document to create an email template. Al may have some additional text edits once the template is complete. 
  1. Landing Page

    Please create a custom landing page using this template:

 Outsourcing isn’t a dirty word 2 -

 Provide an external  tracking link for this landing page to be used in the email template.


We love having you as a customer and quite honestly wish we had more like you! So instead of just wishing, we’ve decided to hold a special “refer-a-friend” Valentine’s Day event for the clients we love the most.  Simply refer someone to us and we’ll send you a special Valentine’s Day Box from <<Fairytale Brownies>> containing the most delicious triple fudge brownies you’ve ever tasted.

On submit: Display message: “Thank you for your referral! We will be sending you a treat very soon.”

Contact form:

First name of the person referring*

Last name of the person referring

Email of the person referring*

Person being referred – First name*

Person being referred – Last name

Person being referred – Email

Person being referred – Company*

Person being referred – Phone*

(Hidden field) Source: Valentine’s Referral Campaign*

 Create a smart list “Valentine Referral Form completed” for anyone who completes this form.

 Send an email notification to Al when this form is completed. Message: “This customer referred a contact. Send them some brownies!”

 For the email, use the smart list “Customer Company Type.”

 Is it possible to have this completed by Wednesday, February 7 for review?



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