How do I create a contract template?
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 01 October 2018 01:57 PM

How do I create a contract template?

This article details how to use the following module(s): 




Allows configuration of print templates to create contracts which can be sent to Contacts in the system.


Who would use this?

Contract templates can be created by users who have access to the ‘Set Up’ tab and “contract” enabled under roles.


  1. Go to Setup -> Asset Management -> Templates

  2. In this section, on the left hand side under “Folder,” select “contract”

  3. Click Create

  4. Choose input based template or standard:
    1. [OPTION 1] Choose to make this template an input based template. In this selection the user will need to setup several pre-qualifying questions which the end recipient will need to fill out prior to creating and sending out the contact. This can streamline any proposal setup as you can enter items such as company size, costs, length of terms and various other personalization options. Any question you post in the beginning of this setup can use the data or answers within the document itself. This gives the contract tool the ability to be extremely dynamic and versatile to many different scenarios.
    2. [OPTION 2] Chose no input base and continue forward with a standard signature agreement without a second level of personalization.

  5. Enter Name, Description and any filters for this contract template, then click Next

  6. Select any custom thumbnail you wish to apply to this template, and select orientation of landscape or portrait then click Next.

  7. Click on the blue “blank page” button on the action bar

    1. Here you can add another blank page and customize as you like using the Add Layer options (dragging text or image objects around the page using the design editor).
    2. Or add additional PDF

    3. If selected add additional PDF, upload or choose existing PDF file from your library, choose your files by left clicking the thumbnails then select Done.

    4. If importing new pages, you may wish to delete any blank pages, or reorder the pages from this screen, click close when finished.

  8. Click “Add user Signature” button in the action bar

  9. Select the user signature object and then look towards the signature object properties.

  10. Set the size, position, messaging, formatting and color of your User Signature block using the properties panel.

  11. Click on “Add Contract Signature” button in the action bar, then repeat any formatting needed.

  12. Click “add initials” in the action bar and place at bottom of page. Adding the initials object on one page would display the object on every page at the same coordinates. On send the contract to a contact, any information added in the object replicates it on every page so the contact does not have to enter the information on every page.

  13. Click Save then Close.

  14. Set permissions to appropriate users and use the contract.

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