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We are excited to announce updates to existing features in Mindmatrix


Social Media

There have been several improvements to social media posting through Mindmatrix

1. Removal of links to social images posted via the Image Galleries

2.  Users may set a "default page" for Facebook social media postings to allow administrators with Social Director access to post on their behalf easily. (Channel Marketing managers should check with their Enablement specialists to learn more!)

3. When using Social Director, you can now also post on behalf of Organizations and Groups to syndicate messages to social media pages.


4. Gain insight into likes, shares, and comment counts on social media posts.



User reports have been enhanced for Channel Managers and Super Admins.

General UI Improvements

General UI improvements and updates have been made for common features.


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The hot fix for all live feeds has been released. If you continue to experience issues, please email our team at


- Client Services 

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For users brand new to the Mindmatrix Assist feature, we've compiled tips on how to make the best use of the tutorials and walkthroughs added to your account.

Click the link below to review:

READ: Did you know you can find answers to your questions using Assist Me?



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We've shared an email on best practices for using the new Mindmatrix Assist feature for MSP Advantage customers.

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In response to customer feedback, we've added a new feature to Mindmatrix allowing you to Bulk Delete inactive contacts.

If you have CRM integration, please check with our support team before removing any inactive contacts from your account in Mindmatrix.

In the Connections > Contacts section, you can click on the "Inactive" folder and click the "Bulk Delete" icon to remove.


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We are proud to announce the release of the brand-new Google Chrome Extension for Mindmatrix.

Using our enhanced plugin, users may -

  • View their lead and contact activity feeds (NEW)
  • Create and register opportunities (NEW)
  • Launch social media campaigns (NEW)
  • Access, search for and send marketing and sales assets (NEW)

In addition to sending tracked emails and importing contacts from social sites (available to licensed users).

If you do not have access to these features, but would like to find out how to add these to your Mindmatrix account, email our team at

Preview of new features -

Search for and send tracked assets

Asset Search in Chrome Plugin


Launch social media campaigns on behalf of yourself or others

Create opportunities without logging into Mindmatrix


And more!

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