In just a little under a week, we'll be releasing an update to bring all instances of Mindmatrix in line with the standard menu options available in Mindmatrix.

For users accustomed to our older navigation which uses a left-aligned main menu, this update includes important changes:


Visual and Organizational changes

1. The background color of the main menu will be white, instead of black.

2. The logo used on your main instance's login page for Mindmatrix will appear on the left hand corner of the screen.

3. Any branding colors from your company's profile section in Mindmatrix will appear upon mouseover of menu text.

4. Some menu items will be re-named and re-organized.  For example, the Assets and Management sections will be updated.

5. The access to the User and Company Profile sections will be updated.

6. Access to plugins, apps or extensions has been relocated.


Here is a preview of the top navigation appearance:


Menu navigation FAQs


1. How do I change the mouseover color option in the main menu?

 This color will be automatically pulled from colors you set in your Company Profile section under "Company Color 1".

To change this color from a previous setting, you will need to Navigate to your Company profile section after the release. 

1. Click on the User icon or your user profile image in the top right corner of the screen.

2. Click on the edit icon to the right most side of your Company name.

This is the Company profile section.

3. Now, navigate to Color 1 in this section and update the color shown here. Upon saving, this will update the mouseover colors and CTA buttons (Switch User, Switch Company, etc... ) in the main menu.


What changes can I expect to the User profile , organization profile, or company profile sections?

 These sections will now be accessible from the top-right corner of the main menu. If you uploaded a profile pic to your account, you will notice this photo is now visible in this section. Otherwise, you will see a "person" icon. Clicking on this opens access to the User profile, Organization profile, or Company profile sections.



This section now also contains download links to the Gmail, Outlook or Mobile apps if your instance of Mindmatrix supports this access.

Based on permission levels, you may also:

1. Search for assets

2. Switch to a different user account

3. Switch to a different company account

4. Logout

5. View announcements

6. View your engagement level with Mindmatrix software


Are menu sections reorganized?

Yes, certain menu sections have been reorganized or renamed. For example, the Assets section now has a Non-Personalized documents and Personalized section.


If you work with a team of users who previously used the older version of our navigation, we recommend you notify these users to let them know this change is scheduled.

If you have any additional questions regarding these changes, please email our team at




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